Joli Miller



Artist Bio

Joli has lived in Abbottstown, PA and surrounding towns all her life. She is married and after raising three children she ventured into the workforce. She volunteered for the Girl Scouts for many years and is currently involved in Youth Ministry. She was first exposed to scherenschnitting at a Girl Scouting craft event over 10 years ago, and ever since then she has been passionate about papercutting. She has accumulated a multitude of books on the subject. She entered a picture in the Adams County, South Mountain Fair and won Best of Show. Joli recently won an award of Distinction and Excellence for an emerging artist from "Yorktown Craft Guild," which is the local chapter of the" Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen" which she is a member. Joli is also member of the “Guild of American Papercutters," and "Hanover Area Arts Guild.” She has exhibited in four "Artisan Marketplace" of York County, and at City Arts in York, PA. Currently she has some art work displayed at " The Frame Shop and Gallery" in Hanover, PA, and at the "Hanover Area Arts Gallery."


Artist Statement

I have always enjoyed crafts of many different mediums. In Girl Scouts I was always known as the "Craft Lady." I thoroughly love the intricate and detailed art of scherenschnitting. Papercutting was very therapeutic, for me, after the deaths of my in-laws. I found out that papercutting is calming and serene, for me. It put me into a peaceful and tranquil place therefore, I was able to cope. I find potential designs all around me: a pattern on the floor, a mural on the wall, a tree with no leaves, shadows, silhouettes, stain glass windows, patterns on clothing and the list goes on. I enjoy designing and cutting out objects of nature, and I have a fascination with swirls. I prefer to use white paper on a black background, this dramatic contrast captivates me. Scherenschnitting is not expensive, but it is a time consuming craft. The necessary equipment that is needed: acid free paper (I prefer 60 lb. text weight, white or antique white parchment paper, pencil (I use a #3H pencil to draw my designs, it makes erasing easier), and I like to use Scotch permanent glue stick to glue my designs to the matt of contrasting color. As far as cutting goes, I started out using very tiny scissors with a one inch blade with bigger thumb holes that made cutting more comfortable. Then I experimented with x-acto knives and I prefer a #11 blade, to cut long straight lines. My favorite knife to use is the swivel knife because it's perfect for all the swirlies that I like to draw. Once the design is finished it is ready to be put into a nice (black) frame. The tiny cuts, to form a delicate design are intensive and repetitive for most people, but however, I tend to lose myself in my creation and when it is finished and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Papercut Treasures

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